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Hobsons' Virtual Student Fairs #hobsonsvsf

A real life example (case study) of a VW "Light Immersive Platform"

This is a brilliant, free, opportunity for students who are looking for USA universities or colleges to attend.
The virtual student fairs take place online ... all you need is a browser and an internet connection.

This screencast provides the background information needed to attend the Fairs and to find out more information ... to find the ideal match of students to USA Universities.

The original of this 5 minute screencast can be viewed at where you can also get the code to embed into your own website
A longer 11 minute version can be viewed at which you can also embed into your own website

Both videos can be downloaded so that they can be shown offline.

Feel free to use these to show to students and parents or anyone else you think would be interested.

Both versions (short and long) of the screencasts are also available on YouTube at and

Fair dates:
- South East Asia ... 5th March 2011
- Greater China ... 12th March 2011
- Latin America ... 9th April 2011
- India ... 27th August 2011

follow on Twitter: @hobsonsvsf
follow on Facebook:
YouTube Channel:

The hashtag for this opportunity is #hobsonsvsf
Please use #hobsonsvsf to tag any digital material you upload related to the Fairs ... images, videos, files, blog posts, blog comments, emails, recording, social bookmarks etc ... it will help others access your resources and opinions.

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Comment by Shamblesguru on January 4, 2011 at 5:18am
For more examples of Light Imersive Platforms visit
Comment by Shamblesguru on January 4, 2011 at 5:15am
This is a rel life application of a Virtual Worlds "Light Immersive Platform"

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