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Welcome to the EUROCALL/CALICO Joint Virtual Worlds SIG

Welcome to the EUROCALL/CALICO Joint Virtual Worlds SIG

Following discussions between Graham Davies (EUROCALL), Randall Sadler (CALICO) and Thom Thibeault (CALICO) in early 2009, it was decided to approach EUROCALL and CALICO members with a proposal to create a joint EUROCALL/CALICO Worlds Special Interest Group (VW SIG) for teachers of modern foreign languages and English as a foreign language.

A meeting, attended by 20 participants, took place on 11 September at the EUROCALL 2009 conference and it was agreed that a joint EUROCALL/CALICO VW SIG should be established, managed by Graham Davies on behalf of EUROCALL and Randall Sadler on behalf of CALICO.

It is clear that there is a growing interest in virtual worlds among EUROCALL and CALICO members. There have been several presentations on virtual worlds in recent EUROCALL and CALICO conferences. Introductory workshops for newcomers to Second Life have also taken place at the annual conferences of both associations. In November 2007 EUROCALL began setting up a headquarters building on EduNation III Island, and in early 2009 CALICO established a presence on the land immediately next door. The two locations now form a significant joint environment linked by a teleport system. Our Welcome pavilion is located at

Thierry Chanier (Thierry Claremont in Second Life) will shortly be establishing a headquarters for ALSIC near the CALICO/EUROCALL HQ.

As for the direction that the new joint SIG will take, we are completely open to suggestions. It will be possible, for example, to offer training courses in using virtual worlds, language classes, quests and virtual tours, as well as advising on places to visit in Second Life where students can be exposed to a wide range of different languages. The joint EUROCALL/CALICO Resources Centre, which is accessible via the teleport system, already offers a range of resources that can be used by language teachers.

If you are new to Second Life there is a wealth of information in the rapidly expanding
Section 14.2.1 of Module 1.5 at the ICT4LT site (edited by Graham Davies):

Your VW SIG contact persons are:

Graham Davies (EUROCALL) – Groovy Winkler in Second Life
Randall Sadler (CALICO) – Randall Renoir in Second Life
Thom Thibeault (CALICO) – Doktor Tammas in Second Life

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