Language Learning and Teaching with the aid of Technology

Video by Helen Myers on Skoolaborate and Learning Languages

Helen Myers of The Ashcombe School, Dorking (UK), has created a video on Skoolaborate and Learning Languages:

It's about using SL with teenagers learning languages at secondary school level. The video describes the Lingualand project, which includes an area in SL where different languages are taught and where students can also interact with one another independently of their teachers, e.g chatting with one another or attempting quizzes. Lingualand is linked with a SLOODLE, which records students' activities in Lingualand.

The Ashcombe School has a thriving program of international school exchanges, and it is intended to use Lingualand to enable students to meet in SL prior to and after taking part in school exchanges.

Helen is a member of the VW SIG Ning.

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