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Hello all,

If you have not yet heard the sad news, Graham Davies passed away on June 20th after a long battle against cancer.

Whether you knew him as Graham Davies in the real world or as Groovy Winkler in Second Life (or--like me--you were lucky enough to have known him in both variations), I am sure you share the same feelings as I do--that he was a great scholar, a wonderful man with a most excellent sense of humor, and a damn fine friend!!

Graham was the founder of EUROCALL, founded the EUROCALL SIG on Virtual Worlds and also created the EUROCALL HQ in Second Life, where he was often found amongst his British pub decorations.  

Since I know that Graham would like us all to remember him with happiness, I'll be announcing a date and time soon for a party on EduNation in his honor where we can remember the good times with him and drink (whether virtually or in reality) to his honor!!!

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