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SLanguages Conference--Welcome area and TP HUD

Hello all,


Remember, the SLanguages Conference starts tomorrow (Sept 16th)!!

Check-in starts at - 8am SL | 3pm GMT

The Welcome area may be found here:


Once there, look for the boxes with the image below.  I've made a teleport HUD for the conference that has all the major venues, a link to the schedule, and also a button leading to help for Voice issues.  Just click the box to get a copy and follow the directions to use!! 


The boxes with the HUDs are scattered around the Conference Venues, with several at the Welcome area.  They are out now, so feel free to stop by today to get your copy!


Also,  we've added a temporary 3rd island to EduNation for the conference, so that has allowed us some new venues and should also increase the number of avatars we can accommodate in-world during the conference.


We hope to see you all there!!


Randall Renoir/Randall Sadler




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