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Hi everyone,

I found this interesting piece of news, and I'll try to go see what it is like :)

Opening ceremony of the Modern Museum and 12th MIWoSE workshop on science exhibits.

Date: 27th Sep (Sat) 7 am pdt (Purification Rite at 6 am pdt)

Location: STEM Island.


The Modern Museum is a collaboration platform for finding cross-disciplinary relations between Art, Science & Technology and Society, curated by Yan Lauria & comet Morigi, supported by University of the Incarnate Word.


- Greeting by Co-Curators & host SIM owner in English (Yan Lauria & Vic Micharak)

- Short Guide Tour- Arts and Society from Renaissance to Romanticism (Giobanni Tweak)

- Workshop presentation "Cross-disciplinary in Second Life" (Yan Lauria) abstract; Multi-user online 3D environment like SL has a possibility to help inter/ trans-disciplinary and cross world understanding through 3D objects which adequately visualize contents and contexts, because communication using language only has a barrier due to difference of language, discipline and culture.

The speaker is editing a list of cross-disciplinary educational resources on "VW education Wiki", providing one prime teleporter including more than 300 educational places in SL, and now, curating the Modern Museum as a cross-disciplinary collaboration platform.








In advance of ceremony, we have "Purification Rite" and "Dance for Pray" in Japanese style and language from 6 am PDT.

If you are interested in Japanese culture and religion, please join us too.


Detail information of MIWoSE:


Ceremony organizers:

   Co-curators: Hajime Nishimura, JAMSTEC (Yan Lauria in SL) & comet Morigi

   Host SIM owner: Phil Youngblood, University of the Incarnate Word (Vic Micharak in SL)

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