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Second Life sims and tutorial materials in languages other than English

Many newcomers to SL are unaware of the fact that there are many sims where the dominant language is not English. I have made use, for example, of sims where the dominant language is Spanish. My understanding of Spanish has improved considerably as a result of visiting these sims, where I have met many native speakers of the language and where the signage is usually bilingual (Spanish and English).

As a former teacher of German, I am mainly interested in sims where German is the dominant language. The Goethe-Institut maintains a large sim, where you can attend free classes in German and meet other learners of German.

If you are new to SL and a native German speaker or if you are a student of German and wish to acquire the specialised vocabulary of SL, there are two sims that I have found where you can follow step-by-step tutorial materials in German:

1. Virtuelles Köln

2. German Newbie Centre, Berlin

If you know of locations such as these in other languages please let me know.

BTW, don't forget that there is a box labelled Some great landmarks in the lounge of the EUROCALL Building that contains a number of landmarks of sims where the dominant language is not English.

You can also choose from a range of languages if you would prefer the SL screen interface to appear in a language other than English. Choose Edit / Preferences from the Main Menu bar, click on the General tab in the pop-up window and then select the language in the box at the bottom of the window. You need to exit SL and restart for this to come into effect.


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