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We have just finished moving EduNation I up next to EduNation III, and I've put in new bridges linking the islands.

In addition, I have "just" finished putting in phantom bridge controls on all the bridges in the EduNation Islands.  This means that any bridge can be made temporarily phantom with a click....enabling you to sail right through it in a boat--see the image above!This means you can now sail anywhere (almost!!) over the three sims of the EduNation islands!!!  ;-)


This sailboat and a number of other water (e.g jetskis, bumper boats), land (scooters and bicycles), and sky (hang glider!) transportation options are all available as temp-rez vehicles on EduNation III.  Anyone is welcome to make use of them---they will simply disappear once you stand up, so no worries about leaving prims about the islands!!


Here is a link to the main teleport center for EduIII.  From here you can easily teleport to any of the transport options mentioned above:


If you are stuck in a cold and wintry area like I am right now in Real Life, feel free to go and have some fun on the islands-----at least you'll feel virtually warm!!!!  ;-)


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