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New tutorial materials SL Viewer Version 3

OK, so we now have SL Viewer 3 - which you will still find stored in the Second Life Viewer 2 folder on your computer. And people are still referring to the latest version as Viewer 2. Confusing, eh? There are quite few differences from the earlier versions, which I have now incorporated into my tutorial materials that you can download from Section 14.2.1 (i) of Module 1.5 at the ICT4LT site:

It was a long, complex job rewriting the tutorial materials and I am sure to have made a few mistakes or failed to explain things clearly. See also these Linden Lab videos:

i. Getting Started with the New Second Life Viewer (Viewer Tour: Part 1/3)

ii. Customizing the New Second Life Viewer (Viewer Tour: Part 2/3)

iii. Additional Features in the New Second Life Viewer (Viewer Tour: Part 3/3)

Feedback is welcomed.


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