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New meeting area at CALICO--Temple Seating

Greetings all,

If you are looking for a place to hold a meeting, I've just added a new scene to the CALICO/EUROCALL holodecks. This "temple seating" (see below) takes place is a Greek-esque temple, complete with some classical statues. The table automatically rezzes 8 chairs, but as those seats fill up, it will rez more, up to 20 chairs total!

Also, of course, we have many other scenes in the CALICO/EUROCALL holodecks (there is one at ground level, one on top of the EUROCALL HQ, and one up in the sky--all accessible by our teleporter system) that are great for meetings and/or class purposes. Feel free to check them out any time, and either Graham (Groovy Winkler) or I can answer any of your questions or demo the system for you!


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