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Hello all,

Just a quick note from the CALICO conference here in Amherst, MA. This has been a very interesting conference so far, with lots of attention paid to VWs. Tomorrow (June 11th, at 12:30 pm US E. Coast Time or 4:40 pm Second Life time) we'll be having a meeting for the CALICO VW Special Interest Group.

If anyone not at the conference (from CALICO, EUROCALL, or other groups!) wants to join us in SL you are welcome to do so!!! I'll be logged in at the main EduNation sandbox.

We'll be talking about a plan to save EduNation III, which is due to be closed in September and also about some plans I have about forming a coalition of educations to build Educational Simulations that we can all share.

Hope to see you there!

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