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London Language Show ICT sessions (and a test to see where this blog goes ...!)

Lots of ICT sessions over the three days of the London Language Show this coming Friday - Sunday.

I'll be doing my usual preaching about the massive potential of SL to the lively people who come along! (They usually smile indulgently!!) Please say hello if you're there .. I'll definitely be at the sessions I'm in (!) on Saturday [and note that Joe is in that too .. don't know why he's not on the proghramme ..) and Sunday,

and can be contacted via the ALL stand (Stand 62).

On Saturday evening, some of us have booked a function room in a pub for a social get together immediately after the end of the show .. with the chance of a 'show and tell'. Details on ALL London website here and on the wiki here.

Karelia Kondor and her friend Gizmo Latte are hoping to join us via laptop + dongle from their Second Life home, and they will doubtless rave about their Italian activities cleverly engineered by their favourite Italian , Anna Begonia (much to her embarrassment I'm sure .. she's so modest!)

OK .. that was attempt three to publish a blog ..this time I have copied and pasted into word just in case ....!! let's see where it goes!

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Comment by Graham Davies on October 28, 2009 at 1:26pm
Thanks for the information, Helen!


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