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Interesting places to visit in Second Life

Newcomers to Second Life often ask how they can find interesting places to visit in SL: places that are visually attractive or places where languages other than English are spoken. To make life easier I have compiled a set of landmarks of places that I have visited and which I have found interesting. These are available in a box labelled Some Great Landmarks that can be found in two different places in the EUROCALL/CALICO HQ:

1. in the lounge of the EUROCALL Building,

2. in the EUROCALL/CALICO Resources Centre.

The wall above this box shows images of different places that I have visited. Click on an image and you will be given its landmark

Just left-click on the Some Great Landmarks box, wait a moment for the list of landmarks to appear and "buy" the box for L$0. You should then find the list of landmarks added to your inventory in a new folder labelled Some Great Landmarks.

There is a world map in the New Business Horizons sim that shows the locations of places in Real Life that have equivalents in SL:

BTW, Viewer 2 makes it a lot easier for you to keep track of places you have visited. There are back and forward buttons on the Top Bar that enable you to track backwards and forwards in your current browsing session, and there is the Teleport History tab in the Places panel of the Sidebar that keeps a record across recent browsing sessions. I cover both these topics in my Viewer 2 tutorial materials:

Have fun exploring!


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