Language Learning and Teaching with the aid of Technology

Dear all,

EuroCALL 2014 was, as usual, a GREAT experience!

The conference started with a day of workshops and our MACHINIMA videos one was amongst those :) The experience was challenging (you know ... technology ;) ) but I'm delighted to report that WE WON over the computer lab! :)

A HUGE THANK you to ALINA HORLESCU for her really interesting and informative workshop and thanks to CHRISTEL SCHNEIDER who helped out and kept a great record of all our work.

Here are the links to the videos! Enjoy :)


  1. The machinima ‘Culturual Collision in Cairo including the discussion


  1. Storyboarding and interview with Alina Horlescu


  1. Excerpts from the workshop  - Machinima Training Session


  1. Feedback session at the end of the workshop


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