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I got back from EUROCALL 2010 in Bordeaux a couple of days ago. It was a remarkable and memorable conference in every respect. The quality of the presentations was very high, and the social events were excellent. The food and wine at the Gala Dinner were up to the standard that one would expect in Bordeaux, but we also had a lot of fun laughing at ourselves in the post-dinner karaoke session. Many of us did not get back to our hotels before 2.30 in the morning! It was so thoughtful of the conference organisers to lay on shuttle buses at this early hour.

I ran a workshop on Second Life for beginners on Day 1, aided and abetted by my wife Sally Davies (aka Flopsy Bookmite in SL) and on Day 2 I gave a keynote presentation, titled "Where have we been, where are we now, and where are we going?" The PowerPoint slideshow of my keynote is already on the Web:

Graham's Keynote.

The EUROCALL 2010 blog is still open, and the last CoveritLive window (Day 4) will remain active for a few days. You can also replay all the CoveritLive events of the previous three days. All the Twitter tweets have been fed into the CoveritLive windows - the EUROCALL twitterati were very active! In addition, there are links to the EUROCALL accounts at Facebook, LinkedIn and Flickr. Video recordings of the keynotes will be made available soon, along with selected PowerPoint presentations - keep an eye on the blog for announcements and up-to-date news:

I chaired a meeting of members of the Virtual Worlds SIG on Day 4. It was well attended, and fruitful discussions took place. I will be writing a full report later. The key discussion focused on the possibility of running a series of face-to-face workshops and presentations on Virtual Worlds. This might take place as a special event, along the lines of the EUROCALL Teacher Education SIG workshop that took place in Lyon in May 2010:

But we might also run a whole day of workshops and presentations on Day 1 of EUROCALL 2011 in Nottingham, i.e. the day normally set aside for Pre-Conference Workshops (which will probably be renamed simply Conference Workshops in order to avoid them being perceived as events outside the main conference). I will be consulting the EUROCALL Executive Committee on the various possibilities. Watch this space!

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Comment by Graham Davies on September 29, 2010 at 6:48am
I have now closed the Day 4 CoveritLive window in the EUROCALL 2010 blog, but it can be replayed at any time, and all the comments can be viewed - some very interesting post-conference feedback.

I don't have much to add regarding the VW SIG meeting. I have already mentioned the key discussion regarding SIG workshops. I also reported on our activities over the last year, drawing people's attendtion to the resources for SL that I have made available both here in our Ning and at the ICT4LT site in Module 1.5, Section 14.2.1 . Finally, I drew people's attention to the joint EUROCALL/CALICO HQ in SL - the future of which is secure now that Randall Sadler has agreed to take over ownership of EduNation III Island.

I suppose we should have elected officers to manage the VW SIG. I completely forgot about this. At present Randall and I run the SIG jointly. If no one has any objections to this we will continue to do so for the next year.


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