Language Learning and Teaching with the aid of Technology

EU Grants for course on technology and oral communication

EU Grants for course on technology and oral communication

Dear colleagues,

Would like to inform you about the Summercourse on using technology for oral communication in Modern Language Teaching, largely based on the results of the NIFLAR project

The Universities of Utrecht and Valencia, in cooperation with TELLConsult and the Utrecht SummerSchool, offer the  5-day course, international course ‘Methodologies and Technologies to promote oral communication in Language Education ' in which (student) language teachers can explore the educational possibilities of a number of Web 2.0 applications to support the development of L2 speaking and intercultural skills.
Participants will be trained in developing, supervising and assessing learning activities that can be realised with the selected applications, possibly in collaboration with international colleagues.

In 2012 the course will be run twice: in Utrecht, The Netherlands in early July (week 27) and in Valencia, Spain, the second week of October (week 42)

For this course, practising (student) teachers in EU (aspiring) member states can apply for a Comenius grant (Ref. nr. NL-2012-276-002) covering the costs of participation + travel and accommodation.

For more details and registration please consult the course page at the Utrecht Summer School site:


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