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EduNation Islands---open house and holiday party!

Greetings fellow CALICO and EUROCALLers!


This coming Sunday (December 12th) we will be having an open house and holiday party on the EduNation Islands. This will be a great change to meet the current residents of the islands, but all CALICO and EUROCALL SIG members are welcome as well!


This is a change to meet your counterparts from around the world, check out the newly designed islands, and to have some fun! Hope to see you there.


Find the details below, and hope to see you there!!!


Randall Sadler/ Randall Renoir in SL


EduNation housewarming party
Sunday, 12 December 2010
from 7pm GMT onwards / 11am SL time

Location: EduNation

7pm GMT | 11am PDT (SL time)
EduNation I

  • Inauguration of the webheads HQ
  • external image JmvFHEbHVAQS-KXB-lUDOmnkt9mHXRmaMmn9wa1AhnzK3Ni5upD9iXIWP7s8LujHvyL9g2BMzW6k1mNWUYM3f-zIMTuf-o4_Qkev9XBbR5w3Kt1Anw
  • Tour of EduNation I with Carol and Gwen
  • Language games at Karelias
  • Open door at residents:
    • My door will be open: “Osna” - First plot on the cliff after the waterfall. Look for the red roses.

external image Lrw5lUjrfpi4R3NqmkNLcu0PIMd1igLFbuPbiaUVQub1SaYXf4OivKpZGgCCJO8P9zB496DXCHPSdIbYJGQh_90B-WCB5wXYZPT06zTukDpgH2xN-w

8pm GMT | 12pm PDT (SL time)
EduNation III

  • Tour with Randall
  • Demonstration of Holodeck tools
  • Scuba diving at the URP (Underwater Research Pod)
  • Kart racing on sky platform

9pm | 1pm PDT (SL time)
EduNation II Tour?

10pm Party | 2pm PDT (SL time)

  • Inauguration of the Piazza
    • Bring your most comfortable seating along, carpets with cushions, beanbags, chaise longues anything is allowed, the most comfortable one will receive a price!
  • Dancing
  • Fireworks

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