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EduNation III---Big changes coming soon!!!!

Greetings all,

After trying for a couple months to find a group to help me take over EduNation III (which was due to close in September), I've taken the leap and decided to just take it over on my own!!!

This means that:
1. It WILL stay open
2. Rent prices will not increase
3. I plan on still having existing housing for offices---but I'll put a holodeck on each plot with more than 10 housing styles to choose from!!
4. I'll also have a number of free pieces of furniture, etc that I've created for people to use that are low prim and (I hope?!?) stylish.
5. There will be some changes in the "look" of the island
6. There will be a central holodeck station on the island where we can add fully functional educational simulations that will be accessible to any educators---and that will be expanded on as participation/needs increase!

IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY RENTING ON EDUNATION III, and wish to continue renting, please send me an email letting me know (rsadler "at" illinois "dot" edu)

IF YOU ARE NOT CURRENTLY RENTING ON EDUNATION III, but are considering it for the future, please send me an email for details.

Also, if you'd like some input into the future look and resources of the island, stay tuned for details on an upcoming meeting.


Randall Sadler

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Comment by Nergiz Kern on August 7, 2010 at 1:39am
Fantastic news!
I'm looking forward to hearing more about the new look and features of the island.

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