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CALICO/EUROCALL Social Event and Brainstorm session re VWS---April 16th!!!

Greetings all,

This coming Saturday (April 16th), CALICO and EUROCALL will be hosting a social event and brainstorming session for those interested in Virtual Worlds and Language Learning.  Whether your VW is Second Life, Active Worlds, Open Sim, or something more MMORPG…y (like World of Warcraft), you are invited!

We will start with greetings and introductions, followed by tours of EduNation ( in Second Life) for those not familiar with those islands.  Next, we’ll do some group discussion and brainstorming regarding what all of us are doing now and what ideas we have for the future.

Whether you are a “newbie” to VWs, someone who is already using VWs for language learning, or are a seasoned language teacher or researcher, this meeting will have something for you!  This will be a time to meet other teachers, discuss research possibilities, or just to practice another language.

Date:  April 16th
Start time:  see below!
Second Life Time (US Pacific):      9 AM
Chicago:                                        11 AM
New York:                                     Noon
London:                                          5 PM
Berlin:                                            6 PM

The meeting will start in the sandbox on EduNation 1 (landmark below).  If you have any problems with that landmark, the alternative landmark (second one) will take you directly to the CALICO/EUROCALL HQ on EduNation III.

EduNation I sandbox:

We hope to see you there!!

Randall Sadler (Randall Renoir in SL), CALICO VWs SIG Chair
Graham Davies (Groovy Winkler in SL), EUROCALL VWs SIG Chair
Karina Silva (Karina Jacobus in SL), CALICO VWs SIG Co-Chair

P.S.  If you are not familiar with it, you'll need the "Second Life" program (free), a SL account (free), and a decent computer and internet connection (sadly, not free) to join us in-world for the event.

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