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Hello all,

I just returned from the CALICO conference in Amherst, MA, USA, and our Virtual Worlds Special Interest Group meeting went very well! At one of the pre-con workshops I gave on holodecks Graham Davies (Groovy Winkler in SL) joined in via SL, as did a few other who are part of this Ning!

One of the topics we discussed was how we could save EduNation III, where the CALICO and EUROCALL Headquarters are currently located. We talked about some ideas for how to use this space in the future, including my thoughts on having it as a center for the use of holodecks for educational simulations.

If you are:
1. Currently renting space on EduNation (including EduNation III)
2. Interested in having a space on EduNation III
3. Interested in the use of holodecks for Educational Simulations

Please either reply to this post, or email me individually. I am working on a rescue plan for EduNation III and would like to put together a list of names to forward to CALICO to encourage them to formally take over the sim.


Randall Sadler

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Comment by Heike Philp on July 8, 2010 at 4:21pm
Hi Randall,

Thank you for this information, yes, it would be great for other to join us at EduNation to maintain this small but lively community.

EduNation is not an island for language learners but it is an island for language educators.

I am proud to announce that soon we will take over EduNation I which Gavin decided to give up.
Paul East of the Pyramid Group and of IATET will be co-owner of this island.

I am more than proud to have CALICO and EUROCALL as my neighbours! Very honorable neigbours indeed.

Rgds Heike

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