Language Learning and Teaching with the aid of Technology

A busy week of conferences - time to reflect

It’s nice to be enjoying a quiet week. Last week was pretty hectic for me:

Face-to-face, 12 November: I gave presentation on Second Life at the Technology-Enhanced Language Teaching and Learning Conference, SOAS, London. Good conference. Jean Conacher (University of Limerick) gave an excellent presentation on Technology Enhanced Language learning, and I finally met Web 2.0 guru Nik Peachey f2f for the first time.

Online, 13 November: Virtual Round Table Conference, organised by Heike Philp. I took part in a panel discussion, shared with Ton Koenraad, Vance Stevens and Duane Sider (President, Rosetta Stone), on the theme "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it".

Online, 14 November 2009: I took part in the Learn 4 Life Conference on Digital Literacy, Digital Identity and E-Safety in Second Life, organised by Leon Sych.

I tried to watch the online presentations at the National Workshop on Learning in Immersive Worlds, organised by Coventry University on 11 November, but Coventry University’s island in SL was out of action and the presentations could not be streamed without hiccups either via SL or via QuickTime independently of SL - so I gave up. Pity, as there were some presentations on language learning that I would have liked to have seen.


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