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8th Annual SLanguages Conference this weekend!!!

Greetings all,

The 8th Annual SLanguages Symposium takes place this coming weekend on EduNation Island in the Virtual World of Second Life.  Anyone is welcome to attend!!  If you have an interest in language learning in virtual and gaming environments this may be a good conference to attend.  Since it takes place in a Virtual World, you can happily attend from home in your pjs!

If you want to attend but need a primer on using Second Life I’d be happy to meet to get you up to speed.  See the details below.

Hope to see you there,

Randall Sadler

Time: November 14, 2015 to November 15, 2015
Location: EduNation in Second Life
Organized By: Heike Philp aka Gwen Gwasi

Event Description:
8th SLanguages Annual Symposium 
14-15 November 2015 (Sat/Sun)
Come and join us at SLanguages Annual Symposium, a two day online conference on language learning in virtual worlds held for the 8th time on EduNation in Second Life.
The two main topics of the conference are machinima (cinematic productions of real-time conversations in virtual environments) on Saturday, 14 Nov 2015 starting at 12pm GMT and language learning games on Sunday, 15 Nov 2015 starting at 9am GMT. 
We meet on EduNation in Second life and there are tours to various virtual worlds like OpenSim, Edmondo, Kitely, Minecraft, Unity 3D etc. some of which you may want to attend via our livestream.

Here are the highlights:
- a CAMELOT symposium, an Istanbul University symposium and a Minecraft symposium
- keynotes by Stylianos Mystakidis of OpenEducationEuropa, JayJay Zifanwe of the University of Western Australia, Gord Holden on immersive technology for learning in schools, Nick Zwarts of the TiLA project
- a film festival, fire side chats, games parks, water sports fun, tours and a party with the Cheerleaders
For the provisional program please klick here
It is free to attend and all of the sessions are being streamed and recorded in Adobe Connect. You do not need an avatar to attend but if you do join us in Second Life on EduNation and if it is your first time to do so, we are happy to assist and look forward to meeting you inworld.  
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