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Lots of Applicants to the Business Talking Course in SL from Kalmar

We've just had the application figures for Autumn 2010 - we've had 231 applicants for the Business Talking course from Linnaeus University in Kalmar for the autumn term.

Not all of these people will actually start (probably about 120 of them), but we'll also probably pick up a few exchange students when they arrive in the autumn too.

I don't know how we're going to handle all these students yet … but we'll think of something!

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Diary of a Second Life English Teacher … Part 7

The spring Business Talking course started last Thursday with the course launch. Between 3pm and 6pm our time we had 63 avatars in total on Kamimo, with about 40 Americans there to find about 20 'Swedish' buddies, so that they could whisk them away and get extra credit for recording the 'Swedes'' reactions to what they'd seen. My tongue-in-cheek analysis is that you get Americans to do things by paying them - but you get Swedes to do things by appealing to their sense of what's good for the… Continue

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Diary of a Second Life English Teacher … Part 6

Yesterday was the day this term's Business Talking course finished on Kamimo Island. The students had Assessment 3 to do which is a 'group presentation'. This time they could present about anything they wanted to, but the group of three's presentations had to be linked in some way. For example, we started (as usual) with the far eastern group at 3.00 pm), which happened to consist of a Kazakh studying to be an architect at Beijing University, a Swede working for Citibank in Shanghai, a music… Continue

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Diary of a Second Life English Teacher … Part 5

It was a busy end of week last week, which is why it's taken until Monday to write this post. On Wednesday we had two very successful Meeting 4/Assessment 2s, once again, one for the far Easterners and another for the people based in Europe. Everyone had done their homework and downloaded the role play cards, and they all took to the activity directly. This was the first time I'd used this particular role play situation on the course, but everything went smoothly. One of the factors I had to… Continue

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Diary of a Second Life English Teacher … Part 4

Today's the day my students do their guided role plays for their second assessment on the course. This post is about what I have to do to get ready for it. I'll do another one tomorrow to tell you how it worked out in practice.

What I'm trying to do today is to test their abilities to use English more spontaneously and in a situation where they might have to persuade other people to come round to their point of view. The form of the assessment is 'freely adapted' (as they say) from… Continue

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Diary of a Second Life English Teacher … Part 3

Yesterday was the big day for my current group on the Business Talking course on Kamimo Island - their first assessed task. For me it was the day I printed up all the feedback forms, filled the coffee mug and sat down to concentrate on what they were saying - so hard that even the night security man didn't come and disturb me.

I'm running two sessions each meeting this time round, so at 3.00 pm the contingent from Beijing, Shanghai and Moscow came along (the regular 6.30 pm meeting… Continue

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Diary of a Second Life English Teacher … Part 2

There aren't going to be as many as one a day of these blog posts … it's just that I did something more today! After each Course Meeting I try to publish a podcast, really as a way trying to keep the group together. This is quite a challenge with these 'place of study' SL courses, because the students never meet IRL. I've been podcasting on my courses since 2005 and the feedback I get is always very positive. It seems as if being able to listen to the teacher's reflections at regular intervals… Continue

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Diary of a Second Life English Teacher …

I teach English at a small university in south-east Sweden, and I've been running a university course exclusively in Second Life in each of the last four terms. The course is called Business Talking and successful students get 3 European Credits for it. Students apply for it in exactly the same as for any university course in Sweden, and we haven't been advertising it at all, mainly to keep the student numbers down to a level we can handle!

We started the course this term on 17th… Continue

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