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Are you on EduNation? Want to be??

Hello all,

I just returned from the CALICO conference in Amherst, MA, USA, and our Virtual Worlds Special Interest Group meeting went very well! At one of the pre-con workshops I gave on holodecks Graham Davies (Groovy Winkler in SL) joined in via SL, as did a few other who are part of this Ning!

One of the topics we discussed was how we could save EduNation III, where the CALICO and EUROCALL Headquarters are currently located. We talked about some ideas for how to… Continue

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Meeting on june 11th!!

Hello all,

Just a quick note from the CALICO conference here in Amherst, MA. This has been a very interesting conference so far, with lots of attention paid to VWs. Tomorrow (June 11th, at 12:30 pm US E. Coast Time or 4:40 pm Second Life time) we'll be having a meeting for the CALICO VW Special Interest Group.

If anyone not at the conference (from CALICO, EUROCALL, or other groups!) wants to join us in SL you are welcome to do so!!! I'll be logged in at the main EduNation… Continue

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New Scene at CALICO/EUROCALL Holodeck--Forest Seating

Greetings all,

I've just added in a new scene to the holodeck. This one is a forest scene, that will give you a 360 degree view from inside the forest! In addition to the all-important fire circle, there is log seating, a picnic blanket with a fully stocked picnic basket, marshmallow roasting, and more! As with any of the holodeck scenes, any of you are welcome to make use of it!

Keep in mind that we have easily… Continue

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New meeting area at CALICO--Temple Seating

Greetings all,

If you are looking for a place to hold a meeting, I've just added a new scene to the CALICO/EUROCALL holodecks. This "temple seating" (see below) takes place is a Greek-esque temple, complete with some classical statues. The table automatically rezzes 8 chairs, but as those seats fill up, it will rez more, up to 20 chairs total!

Also, of course, we have many other scenes in the CALICO/EUROCALL holodecks (there is one at ground level, one on top of the… Continue

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EduNation Tour via hot air balloon

Greetings all!

I've just set up a hot air balloon tour for EduNation. It starts out at the CALICO/EUROCALL HQ area:

This is version 1 of the tour, just set up this morning, so pardon any issues! I'll set up a more complete version soon, and will then be looking for some people to help out with additional language translations to have the tour… Continue

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