Language Learning and Teaching with the aid of Technology

Eurocall SIGs Computer-mediated communication and Virtual Worlds present:

Online show and tell event

This 1 hour joint event will be an opportunity to find out about the wide range of activities happening thanks to online networks and the opportunities afforded by computer-mediated communication in language learning. The event will be recorded in Blackboard Collaborate.


Participants will present for just 5 minutes each on their areas of research or a recent project helping to give everyone an insight into the many exciting activities and allowing time to network with each other. If you would like to present, please add your details here and email your slides to before the 5th March 2015.

To join us just come along to this online space on Thursday 5th March at 2pm GMT/3pm CET /9am EST and bring a cup of coffee for some virtual socialising. (The room will be open an hour before the event)

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The doc for offering a presentation is  show and tell offers

Great Theresa,

thanks for putting this up

I'll send it on now :)


Many thanks :)

No, actually, thank YOU for getting it organised and SORRY I can't be there :(

This is great!!!  I'll definitely try to come to the meeting on March 5th, though it will be (gulp) 8am my time!!!

Good man! Everything for the cause! :)

that's good news Randall, sounds like a coffee will be handy :)

Here's the recording link folks - to be enjoyed whenever you get time :)


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