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Hi everyone. I hope everyone is having a great semester. I was wondering if anyone has done some work in identity construction in SL? I have come across some info but mainly anecdotal. Can anyone recommend any articles or any work being done in this area?





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Dear Stella,

I know these two articles are not exactly on identity construction, but I think you could find some ideas there and possibly more indications for further articles and work to read.

Riva and his team are conducting some interesting research in Virtual Worlds and Virtual Reality.

Riva, G., Mantovani, F., Capidevville, C. S., Preziosa, A., Morganti, F., Villani, D., Gaggioli, A., Botella, C., Alcaniz, M., 2007. Affective Interactions Using Virtual Reality: The Link between Presence and Emotions, CyberPsychology and Behavior, 10 (1), 45-56.


Riva, G., Waterworth, J. A., Waterworth, E. L., Mantovani, F., 2009. From intention to action: the role of presence. New Ideas in Psychology, 3, 1-14.



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