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I wonder if anyone can help me with a student problem in SL.

I have a student who can hear all the ambient sounds in world, but can't hear any of the voice chat (or participate herself). She's probably using Viewer 1, and I've asked her to check that her headset works outside of SL. In the heat of our last live session she claimed that she'd gone through the Voice Chat settings (including Device Settings), but I'm having a one-to-one with her soon when we can check on that.

It'll probably turn out to be something simple, like her jack plug not being fully in, but it'd be really helpful if any other members of this forum who've encountered something similar can suggest some remedies.

Thanks in advance!

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I have come across this on several occasions. On most of these occasions it turned out to be an institutional firewall that was blocking voice chat and the local technicians had to open up a port in order to get voice chat to work.

The firewall on my home computer system sometimes asks me to confirm that I wish to unblock SLVoice.exe when I start SL. The reason for this is that the SLVoice.exe program, which needs to run when SL has been installed, has the same name as a set of virus programs, which means that firewalls and anti-virus software may block it out of caution.
Thanks, Graham.

Elena and I are meeting up on Tuesday, so I'll let you know if it was down to either of these problems.

… and isn't it nice having a site like this one where you can ask 'simple' questions!


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